Testing Grounds Residency

“Human Time Museum” – Eddie Harran

Eddie Harran is a futurist and experimental philosopher. Through his alter ego persona, Dr Time, Eddie helps create safe space for people to inquire into the nature of time. For ‘While the Hour’ Dr. Time will install a ‘Human Time Museum,’ a collection of artefacts from human history in an effort to map, chart and make … Continue reading ““Human Time Museum” – Eddie Harran”

“Non-human stereo network” – Kit Riley

Public Meeting (and free WiFi) Thursday, February 23 6pm – 7pm Testing Grounds, 1 City Road, Southbank You are invited to attend a meeting of the Nonhuman Stereo Network. The meeting will provide you with tools for increasing the density of your present moment, without the usual hassle of having to also increase your moment’s … Continue reading ““Non-human stereo network” – Kit Riley”

“Temporal Chain Of Connection” – Cassandra Smith

Temporal Chain of Connection asks what our common relationship with time is, and how it could shift. Humans have the potential to create new connections, new patterns of behaviour and relations with the world and each other. What strategies and experiments could bring about this perceptive shift? For ‘While The Hour’, Cassandra will have three … Continue reading ““Temporal Chain Of Connection” – Cassandra Smith”

“Time as Measured by Mountains” – Alanna Lorenzon

(a drawing & research project). Time is slippery. The present moment is dense and multi-layered and the future splits off into a multitude of potentialities. Mountains, however, hold time. They condense it and titrate layers of proof that the past existed. They are giant clocks compressing the earth’s experience in their underbelly. During the ‘While … Continue reading ““Time as Measured by Mountains” – Alanna Lorenzon”

Agatha Partyka

Agatha Partyka is an architect, recently graduated from RMIT University. Her work explores the living movement of truth and ethics found in the colliding expression of stories in object and building; empathetic (dis)harmonies found in the amalgamations of people, place, found material, product and precedent. Her work examines mechanisms of translation; how ideas and essences … Continue reading “Agatha Partyka”

Susannah Jo Foster

As part of my continuing exploration into mechanical systems and awkward movement that subverts the idea of failure/success, I will create a work that considers the focus of deep time using bladeless fans. I am interested in bladeless fans as an object that suggests wind generated power and minimalism. This work will use wind momentum … Continue reading “Susannah Jo Foster”

The Clock

“Ha ha,” laughed Sissy. “Criminey. You wouldn’t believe it. It’s just a bunch of junk. Garbage can lids and old saucepans and lard tins and car fenders, all wired together way down in the middle of the Siwash cave. Every now and then, this contraption moves – a bat will fly into it, a rock … Continue reading “The Clock”

“Set in Stone” – Roynae Mayes

Roynae Mayes engraves ruminations on deep time into stones.  These stones are left about the site of Testing Grounds, these stones are gifts to passers-by, these stones make their way into the surrounding environment to be stumbled upon by some aimless wanderer.  These stones came before the engraver, these stones outlast the engraver. These stones … Continue reading ““Set in Stone” – Roynae Mayes”