Writing In Deep Time

Writing In Deep Time

6-8pm Friday February 10, 2017

You don’t need to know what ‘Deep Time’ is to join this workshop.

Bring with you a curiosity about what it could mean.
(The workshop hosts and facilitators don’t know what it is, exactly, either.)
We are simply gathered here, with a pen and paper and a query.
Not about what deep time is.
But about what thinking in and through and about deep time, multifaceted and tangled, could do to your thinking, writing and being.
So, then, how to begin? How can we think and write of deep time?
We shall have a series of writing prompts and exercises to help you on your way.
You can respond in any way you wish. Fiction, prose, play, poetry.

A generous part of the workshop is dedicated to sharing and discussing results with your writerly comrades.  

Please bring:

  • writing materials
  • intent of playful curiosity
  • books or print-outs you don’t mind scribbling over

A print-out of the exercises will be available for anyone who is deaf or hearing-impaired.

Light refreshments are available to purchase at Testing Grounds.

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