Saturday afternoon, 11th Feb 2017, 3:30-6:30pm

A drop-in festival of collective resting. Talks on the anthropocene, readings from short stories and interviews about activism and temporality.


–Susie Lachal – PhD candidate in art and the Anthropocene reading from Anna Tsing’s ‘The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins’.

–Leigh Ewbank and Cam Walker (Friends of the Earth) – yarn about the experience of time through thirty years of activism

–Kirsty Moegerlein – imaginative lecture ‘Navigating Time’

–Neil Morris – ambient soundscape weaving in yorta yorta language and chant, keys, guitar and other looped sound, continuing the indigenous tradition of song as ceremonial and transformational experience.

–readings short stories from Alan Lightman’s ‘Einstein’s Dream’s’

Resting is a liminal state of being, halfway between awake and asleep. Your muscles are relaxed. Eyes closed, you are alert enough to listen. You are receptive and open. On the brink of dreaming, but not quite. Thoughts are associative and free-wheeling.

It is in this state of surrender that often-overwhelming information can be played with. Absorbed. Processed. Rather than the alternative – awake, alert listening can find you becoming confused or blocked up by the same information.

The concept of time, the effect of human activity on the state of the planet. These are large ideas well deserving of slow consideration, and plentiful reverie.

The Restival offers a space to collectively snooze and listen deep. To see what happens. To listen to stories, histories and theories of temporality, the anthropocene and climate change activism.

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