“Temporal Chain Of Connection” – Cassandra Smith

Temporal Chain of Connection asks what our common relationship with time is, and how it could shift. Humans have the potential to create new connections, new patterns of behaviour and relations with the world and each other. What strategies and experiments could bring about this perceptive shift?

For ‘While The Hour’, Cassandra will have three distinct modes of inquiring. Firstly, by running a writing workshop and a ‘restival’ event, in order to gauge participant’s relationships with time, and then to bring about conditions where there is a malleability to this relationship. Secondly, by making a subtle installation, a hand-made chain whose ends are fixed to the ground. By wearing the chain, you are wearing the earth. This work hopes to cause a small eruption: an instant, poetic shift in perspective, a holding of the whole earth in your body and mind. Thirdly, Cassandra hopes to create a “support entity” (in Andrea Zittel’s words) for the other artists’ work to live in. To do this, Cassandra will be living on-site for one week during the residency, not taking ‘absolute’ (in other words, ‘clock’) time into consideration. She will do this in order to improvise installations, experiments and workshops that respond to conditions that arise, and in support of the other artists’ work.

The namesake of this work is from Rob Paton’s essay, ‘The Mutability of Time and Space as a Means of Healing History,’ inside the book ‘Long Histories Deep Time’.


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