“Non-human stereo network” – Kit Riley

Public Meeting (and free WiFi)

Thursday, February 23
6pm – 7pm
Testing Grounds, 1 City Road, Southbank

image description: wobbly, freehand Venn diagram on pale orange background, the centre overlapping area is pink and labelled "sound", the left outer area is pale yellow and the right outer areas is mauve, both are labelled "noise".

You are invited to attend a meeting of the Nonhuman Stereo Network. The meeting will provide you with tools for increasing the density of your present moment, without the usual hassle of having to also increase your moment’s meaning.

The meeting’s speakers are the human-made, non-human noises that you habitually deprioritise in pursuit of life as a normal human being.

There is no need to RSVP. To join the meeting, come to Testing Grounds at the appointed time and look for the instructions posted there.

It is imperative that you do not communicate with any other humans who are attending the meeting.

Kit Riley is a person who works in an indeterminate field and who lives in regional Victoria, Australia.

Kit is interested in the thick and porous boundaries between here and there, self and other, sanity and madness, something and nothing. Kit’s work is an attempt to reimagine communicative norms and reinhabit socially awkward environ/mentalities.


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