Agatha Partyka

Agatha Partyka is an architect, recently graduated from RMIT University. Her work explores the living movement of truth and ethics found in the colliding expression of stories in object and building; empathetic (dis)harmonies found in the amalgamations of people, place, found material, product and precedent. Her work examines mechanisms of translation; how ideas and essences can be transmuted in efficacy through language, gesture and form; and how agreements can be made on the criteria of sensual intuition of material, analogy, and through alternate ways of perceiving time. She is also fascinated by duck rabbits; things that appear different depending on how you are seeing.

During the residency at Testing Grounds, Agatha will be working within the architectural framework by ‘These Are The Projects We Do Together’ to explore how variances in the experience of time can be felt through subtle changes in space and material, beginning with soft building materials to build boundaries and sensations…


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